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Our Commitment to Child Safety

The Seaforth Kindergarten strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for all children, educators and families. To ensure safety is of the highest standard we are committed to ensuring our policies and procedures reflect thoughtful insights and measures to keep our entire community safe. This will include all visitors to the centre. 

Children’s emotional and physical safety will be one of our paramount objectives and strict adherence to all regulatory standards and child protection guidelines will be implemented and compulsory in order to maintain the Child Safe Standards. All visitors to the centre will adhere to our visitors procedures reflected in the visitors guidelines policy. 

We recognise that abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical or sexual, and that that abuse can come from visitors to the centre, the people who work there, families, their peers and online. To minimise the risks to the children in our care, we have implemented a range of different types of practices and procedures:

Both physical access from the outside and access to the internet are tightly controlled.

Staff are vetted before they are employed, they sign a Code of Conduct , and are trained in Child Safe practices including mandatory reporting procedures.

Staff are trained to recognise signs of abuse and are encouraged to report concerns, and to follow the Mandatory Reporting Guidelines (Decision Tree). Child safety is on the agenda of our professional development and staff meetings and is the responsibility of our service to maintain a high standard of Education for all staff.

Risk assessment is embedded into the creation of policy and the implementation of procedures. 

Children are respected for who they are as individuals and not categorised because of their gender, colour, cultural background or physical characteristics.

The children themselves are, through our Social Justice Programme, made aware of what is and what is not appropriate behaviour and any concerns they have are taken seriously.

Families are kept informed of our Child Safe practices and these are included in our Parent Feedback Loop . Child Safe is promoted across a variety of media and messages, such as the web-site and in newsletters.

Appropriate documentation is maintained.

Most importantly, Child Safety is constantly reviewed and we keep up to date with legislative and reporting requirements