“Striving for Excellence in Early Childhood Education”

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Our Statement of Philosophy

The Seaforth Kindergarten endeavours to form close partnerships between Educators, Families, Children and our Community. Our aim is to work together in a child-centred approach by developing the full potential of each child in our care and respecting each child as an individual. Our organisation welcomes diversity and inclusivity in all our community values.

Respect is at the heart of all we do

It is our belief that close, respectful, personal interactions with Educators promote security within each child. This will enable them to engage in self-expression and the freedom to explore the opportunities provided. Through this, children will learn to negotiate, communicate, empathise, and learn the social cues needed to navigate their own sense of belonging.

We believe our Educators should encourage each child’s voice, so they can communicate appropriately and, through that, build a sense of their inclusion and of their ability to make decisions within our community. Through this approach, we believe the children will learn to trust, enabling them to work collaboratively with their peers and learn to regulate their own emotions.

We believe our strength is in our people. Qualified, professional educators working collaboratively to enable well-planned, intentional and play-based learning. We support them, we look to develop them through positive appraisal and ongoing training. We involve them in the ongoing critical reflection of our process, and encourage them to take ownership of ideas and philosophies that underpin our programme.

The well-being, health and safety of every child is our commitment. We promote physical activity, rest and relaxation and we encourage healthy eating and hygiene. Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of children including proper supervision at all times. Educators are well-versed in best practice in responding and managing illnesses and accidents in Early Childhood Settings. All in an environment safeguarded from abuse.

We believe that the physical environment is vital to children’s development, and we have built our outdoor spaces to give scope for all children, no matter how diverse, to explore and experience the natural environment and build an awareness of their responsibility toward a sustainable future.

Reggio Emilia – ‘It takes a village to raise a child’*

We could not do this without the support of the families of our children. We encourage them  – actually we need them – to get involved and we respect their views. Working with our families and sharing information helps support our children and promotes learning.

We hope to offer each family these experiences in partnership and shared relationships and hope your child’s early experience is a rewarding and happy one.

Our philosophy “Striving for excellence in Early Childhood Education”


We acknowledge the original owners of the land by honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in a respectful manner, and this is reflected in our curriculum.